The Charge

Attempted murder is one of the most serious crimes known to Canadian law. Those found guilty

The offence consists of trying, by any means, to either (1) cause the death of another person or (2) inflict bodily harm that you know is likely to cause that person’s death, and being reckless as to whether death ensues or not.

Thus, the Crown must prove that you had the intention to commit one of the two acts defined above. The Crown may rely on a wide variety of evidence to prove your intention in your trial for attempted murder: did you make any statements to any witnesses or policemen about what your intention was? Were your actions alone sufficient to demonstrate what your intention was in relation to the victim?

These charges frequently arise out of incidents involving firearms, edged weapons, or strangulation cases.


Due to the extreme seriousness of the charge, the prosecution will almost certainly ask the Judge that you be kept in jail for the entirety of your case. And if you have any prior criminal record for violence or breaching court orders, you face a very difficult task of getting released.

That’s why you need a Calgary Criminal Lawyer on your side when it comes time to apply for bail. We will make a thorough presentation to the judge demonstrating why you are entitled to be released on bail while your case goes through the justice system. We emphasize all your personal qualities that demonstrate that you are not a risk to flee the jurisdiction or commit new offences on bail.

The Defence

You need Calgary Criminal Lawyers to help build your defence.

When the police investigate an attempted murder, they usually deploy experienced investigators to the case. Ballistics experts, medical experts, and wiretap authorizations may also be used in the investigation. This results in a huge amount of complicated evidence being generated as a result, and reviewing this evidence to identify weaknesses in the case demands a skilled defence lawyer.

In addition, the police investigation may have violated some of your constitutional rights, such as the right to a lawyer, or the right to be free from unlawful searches of your body or property.

Calgary Criminal Lawyers are skilled at identifying any breaches of your constitutional rights and getting you a remedy that may lead to an acquittal for your attempted murder charge.

Our defence starts with an inside-out review of every single piece of evidence the police have against you, as well as obtaining your side of the story in depth. We work with you at every step of the case.

Calgary Criminal Lawyers are skilled negotiators and may be able to reach an agreement with the prosecution to a less serious charge, depending on the circumstances of the case.

The Sentence

Calgary Criminal Lawyers are a vital asset if you need to be sentenced for attempted murder.

Your potential jeopardy is extremely high; anyone found guilty of attempted murder is subject to imprisonment for life.

In addition, there are lengthy minimum sentences for this offence if it is committed in certain circumstances, including:

  • 5 years, if a restricted or prohibited gun is used;
  • 5 years, if any gun is used and the offence was committed in connection with a criminal gang; and
  • 4 years, if any firearm was used.

You will be subject to a mandatory ban on possessing any firearms or related items, and will be forced to provide a sample of your DNA to the government DNA database.

In all cases, we will present a detailed, personalized argument to the Court as to why you should get the shortest possible punishment that is appropriate in the circumstances. We compile information about your personal history, your future potential, and references from your loved ones to make sure you are portrayed in your best light.