The Charge

This charge has the following components:

  • Failing to stop your motor vehicle as soon as is reasonable;
  • While being pursued by a police officer in a motor vehicle;
  • For the purpose of evading the police;
  • With no reasonable excuse.

In addition, the prosecution must show that you knew you were being pursued by a police officer.


The police and prosecution often ask the judge to keep people in custody who are accused of this crime, as fleeing from the police suggests that have disregard for the law and may not come to court as required.

The Defence

That, in addition to the serious consequences to being found guilty of this charge, is why you need a criminal lawyer with a lot of experience in defending this charge. Make Calgary Criminal Lawyers your first call if you are arrested for failing to stop for the police. We will focus our investigation on the following areas:

  • Did the police deploy all possible methods of getting your attention?
  • Did the police officers who claim you fled from them make detailed and accurate notes of your driving?
  • Did the police video record your driving pattern? Is it consistent with their reports?
  • Do you have a reasonable excuse for not stopping the vehicle (e.g. medical emergency)?
  • Were there circumstances that prevented you from noticing the police were trying to get you to stop (weather conditions, hearing problems, etc.)?

The Sentence

Sentences for this offence include the possibility of a license suspension for up to three years, jail of up to 5 years, and up to 3 years of probation. In addition, the province of Alberta will automatically suspend your driving privileges for a year from the day you are found guilty.

Come to us for help. We will mount the best defence for you, whether that means fighting the allegation in a trial, negotiating a less serious charge that will get your license back as soon as possible, or any other possible options.