The Charge

In order to be found guilty of this offence, it must be proven that:

  • You drove or had the care or control of a motor vehicle;
  • That vehicle was involved in an accident with another person, another vehicle, or livestock;
  • You failed to stop your vehicle;
  • You did not give your name and address;
  • You did not offer help to anyone who was injured and needed it;
  • You failed to stop because you did not want to get in legal trouble.

It is important to know that the Crown does not need to prove that you were the one who caused the collision or otherwise at fault.


Frequently, the prosecution will apply to have you kept in custody when you are charged with this crime, because the circumstances of this charge may suggest that you do not live up to your legal obligations. It is therefore vital that you enlist Calgary Criminal Lawyers to help you obtain reasonable bail.

The Defence

This charge is frequently laid alongside other allegations related to your driving, like impaired driving, dangerous driving, or driving while disqualified. They can also involve significant property damage or personal injury, which in turn will generate a great deal of evidence against you, in the form of witness statements, traffic collision reports, medical records of people injured in the collision, and vehicle experts.

Combing through all the evidence for weaknesses in the Crown’s case and other potential defences takes a skilled eye, so call Calgary Criminal Lawyers today. They will go to work right away.

The Sentence

The consequences of a conviction are serious. You can go to jail for up to 5 years. In addition, the Province of Alberta will automatically suspend your license for one year from the date you are found guilty. On top of that, a Judge can give you an additional driving suspension of up to 3 years!

If your strategy focuses on damage control, let us help. In appropriate cases, we can negotiate a plea to a lesser offence that gets your license back as soon as possible.

You have options. Call us today.