The Charges

Being charged with impaired/over .08/DUI in Canada can have serious consequences on your life, and the Alberta provincial government has recently passed a law that automatically suspends your right to drive until your criminal charges are dealt with by the courts.

That’s why it is important have an experienced lawyer in your corner to explore all possible defences to the charge.

Calgary Criminal Lawyers want you to know that you are presumed innocent, and the prosecution must prove your guilt beyond a reason able doubt in a court of law. We understand that you may not feel like you are presumed innocent when your license is suspended immediately upon being charged.

This suspension lasts until your criminal charge is dealt with by the criminal courts, a process that, depending on where your court case is heard, can take between 3 and 12 months.

The government knows that waiting so long can be so agonizing that some people accused of this charge will throw in the towel and plead guilty, even where they have a good defence to the charge.

Don’t plead guilty! Call us as soon as you are charged. We can help with an appeal of your license suspension, but you must act quickly, as your right to appeal expires 30 days after the day you are charged.

Calgary Criminal Lawyers have an arsenal of defences to deploy in most criminal cases. The police must follow a complicated multi-step procedure when investigating you for impaired/over .08. There are thus many potential mistakes and pitfalls they can make, ranging from arresting you without sufficient reason, to failing to properly administer your rights to counsel.

If you have a defence to the charge, Calgary Criminal Lawyers will find it.