Are you dissatisfied with your verdict or sentence? Calgary Criminal Lawyers can help you appeal any unfavorable judgement and right the wrongs.

If you wish to appeal your finding of guilt or an excessive sentence, contact us IMMEDIATELY. There are strict deadlines for filing appeals.

Depending on your case, we may be able to achieve any of the following results for you on appeal:

  • A new trial;
  • An acquittal;
  • A lesser sentence;
  • A cancellation or reduction of a firearms or driving ban;
  • A cancellation of a DNA order

Depending on your charges and where your original trial/sentencing hearing was heard, your appeal will either be heard in the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench or the Alberta Court of Appeal. These courts are extremely strict about the timing, form, and length of your filed materials, and require absolute compliance with complicated procedural rules. In addition, every appeal involves the persuasive presentation of complicated legal arguments.

Your opponent in the appeal will be an experienced Crown Prosecutor who is skilled in research, writing, and oral argument. Don’t be outgunned at the appeal level. Let Calgary Criminal Lawyers carry your flag in the appeal court.

We have several formidable appeal lawyers on our team, skilled in detecting any errors made by the judge or the prosecutor in your case. With a deep knowledge of the law, we carefully review the records of your trial and/or sentencing hearing and will identify any and all errors that were made when your case was decided. Using our excellent writing skills, we will make a persuasive written argument to the appeal court describing the errors made in your case, and why they should give you a more favorable ruling. We supplement that written argument by appearing in front of the appeal court and making thoughtful, accurate and persuasive oral submissions to ensure your best arguments are considered.

We ensure that your appeal is filed in the proper court, and complies with all the complicated filing deadlines.

An appeal is not a completely fresh new trial; with few exceptions, no evidence is heard. The judge or judges will decide your appeal based on the pre-existing record of your case which will consisted of a transcript of the trial r sentencing and any exhibits filed.

Delaying your sentence pending appeal (driving suspensions, jail terms)

If your appeal relates to a conviction for impaired driving and you were given a driving prohibition, we may be able to arrange for that sentence to be “stayed”, or put on hold until your appeal is heard, thus allowing you to continue living a normal life while your appeal works its way through the court.

If you were sentenced to a jail term, we may be able to convince an appeal judge to put your sentence on hold while your appeal is processed, thus ensuring that if your appeal is successful, you haven’t wasted any time in jail needlessly.